Atlantic Social Succession Strategy

Working together with Flourish Community Development Co-op, Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick, CDR-Acadie, and a range of other national and local stakeholders working on business succession models, we completed an action research project in 2021 to compile data about the local economic situation, the variety of tools already available to support business succession processes using a social succession strategy, and test learning resources and other content with various groups of stakeholders and communities. 

The research team is joined by Ulnooweg Development Group and the Atlantic Association of CBDC’s. Together, we are developing a strategy based on these findings focused on raising awareness, building capacity, and piloting supported social successions.  

To find out more, contact Laurie Cook with Flourish Community Development Co-op at chutzpahconsulting (at)

Staff contact: Sarah Leeson-Klym with CCEDNet at sleesonklym (at)

Sarah Leeson-Klym (she/her)

Director of Regional and Strategic Initiatives