Coalition Convening & Backbone Support

The Network builds power by convening coalitions and supporting collective public policy advocacy. 

CCEDNet Manitoba convenes and provides ‘backbone support’ to a number of coalitions and groups made up of CCEDNet members and other community stakeholders. Often, but not always, these groups have their own branding. 

Backbone support refers to administrative, communications, facilitation, and supporting activities and tactics undertaken by coalitions.

These coalitions help forward aspects of the CCEDNet public policy mandate.

Currently, Network staff convenes or supports the following coalitions: 

Make Poverty History Manitoba

MPHM is a multi-sectoral collaborative coalition led by organizations and groups, committed to changing public policy to achieve a Manitoba without poverty. The purpose of Make Poverty History Manitoba (MPHM) is to provide a central coalition of agencies and individuals working for the elimination of poverty in Manitoba.

Right to Housing

The Right to Housing Coalition is a Winnipeg-based group of individuals and organizations concerned about the shortage of affordable (including social) housing.  The Coalition recommends housing policies and programs to three levels of government that would result in decent housing for all.

We Want to Work

We Want to Work is a coalition of groups that believe that one of the best ways to achieve positive social, economic, and climate outcomes would be for government to consider community benefits in their purchasing. All levels of government purchase a significant amount of goods and services in a year. 

If even a very small portion of this spending supported community benefits, it would have a huge social, economic, and environmental return on investment.

Our coalition advocates and collaborates with the government to adopt and utilize social procurement as a tool to achieve community benefits through existing purchasing.

Many We Want to Work members are social enterprises, community-based businesses that sell goods or services in the market place to achieve a social, cultural and/or environmental purpose; they reinvest their profits to maximize their social mission. Government purchasing can play an important role in creating more market opportunities for social enterprise.

Manitoba Social Finance Working Group

The Social Finance Working Group is made up of stakeholders in the financing landscape for the social economy, including foundations, credit unions, community-based organizations, and more. This group is focused on strategizing how to improve the Social Finance landscape in the province.

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Network of Networks

The Network of Networks is a group of networks, coalitions, associations, umbrella organizations, or alliances who either bring together or whose members are non-profits, charities, or community-based organizations. The Networks are all Manitoba-based. 

Relationships and collaboration between networks is valuable for collective work strengthening Manitoba’s communities and for the members the Networks represent or bring together. 

Our collaboration contributes to our shared social, economic, cultural, and environmental goals for Manitoba and builds strength that supports our members’ work on these goals.

Contact Michael Barkman [m.barkman at] to find out more

Michael Barkman (he/him)

Manitoba Network Manager


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