Manitoba Regional Network

Public Policy Advocacy & Government Relations

Get involved in Network public policy advocacy toward our collective vision of sustainable, equitable, and inclusive communities directing their own futures.

Ways to get involved:

  • Join the Network and help set the mandate for the Manitoba regional network
  • Get involved in a public policy advocacy coalition supported by CCEDNet Manitoba
  • Contact us at to learn more about public policy advocacy, or find out ways how the Network can help support your campaign

Together, we’re focused on:

  • Ending Poverty
  • Local & Fair Economies
  • Tackling Climate Change
  • Sustainable Community-Led Development
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access
  • Democracy & Directing our Own Future

It is our collective belief that if the public policy recommendations of the Network were enacted here in Manitoba, our social, economic, and environmental future will be more inclusive, equitable, democratic, and sustainable.

Check out the Public Policy solutions put forward by Manitoba members of our Network at the link above. Each individual public policy proposal is also linked below. These guide CCEDNet Manitoba’s public policy advocacy and government relations work.

Resolutions are active for three years unless re-submitted in an amended form. With an evolving membership over time, our policy mandate is also evolving.

View our 2021 Policy Resolutions (Expired May 2024)
View our 2020 Policy Resolutions (Expired May 2023)
View our 2019 Policy Resolutions (Expired May 2022)
View our 2018 Policy Resolutions (Expired November 2020)
View our 2017 Policy Resolutions (Expired November 2019)
View our 2016 Policy Resolutions (Expired November 2018)
View our 2015 Policy Resolutions (Expired November 2017)
View our 2014 Policy Resolutions (Expired November 2016)
View our 2013 Policy Resolutions (Expired November 2015)
View our 2012 Policy Resolutions (Expired November 2014)
View our 2011 Policy Resolutions (Expired November 2013)

How are the CCEDNet Manitoba public policy recommendations set?

Members discuss policy work at the 2022 Manitoba Member Meeting.
Members discuss how to make their good ideas happen at the 2022 Manitoba Member Meeting

Manitoba members work together every year to collectively produce a wide-ranging and solutions-focused set of public policy resolutions directed at the municipal and provincial level. The collective democratic decision-making process to get there is unique. 

During the Policy Summit, members share ideas, knowledge, discussion, and pass resolutions about what changes in policy and budgeting are needed to make our province a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable place.

How does the Network advocate for the public policy recommendations?

Provincial and municipal public policy advocacy led by coalitions and members, supported by Network staff, is based on the foundation of ideas from previous Policy Summits. 

When taken all together, the recommendations proposed by members, while not exhaustive, represent solutions to some of Manitoba’s most challenging, interconnected issues, and contribute to an increase in Community Economic Development activities.

The resolutions above guide CCEDNet Manitoba’s advocacy, organizing, and collective voice every day of the year. CCEDNet Manitoba’s Government Relations work includes:

  • Directly meeting and engaging with elected officials and public servants at the Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg, and other Manitoba municipalities
  • Submissions to various levels of government, including prior to each annual budget
  • Public engagement and education, including presentations, media, lectures, and more

To push forward many recommendations and make them a reality, CCEDNet Manitoba convenes and provides ‘backbone support’ to a number of coalitions and groups made up of CCEDNet members and other community stakeholders.

CCEDNet Manitoba members at the 2022 virtual Manitoba Policy Summit

Contact Michael Barkman to find out more about how we’re advancing these policies and how you can help or participate in CCEDNet Manitoba’s Policy Summit.

Let us know if you are interested in having CCEDNet Manitoba talk to your community and/or your organizations about the importance of policy and how to change it.

Michael Barkman (he/him)

Manitoba Network Manager

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