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Manitoba Learns

Building strength, knowledge, and connection in community organizations and social enterprises.

Manitoba Learns builds strength, knowledge and connection within community organizations and social enterprises through more informed and skilled practitioners.

This approach acknowledges that when individuals are given access to opportunities to learn new skills and deepen their practice, the entire environment around them changes. It becomes stronger. 

The topics in our Manitoba Learns series are identified in consultation and engagement with, and responsive to, our member, network, and sector needs. The program offers workshops, training, and the annual Gathering of Community Builders.

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Financial Sustainability Series

This four session series is designed for people in charge of strategic planning, budgets and community outreach for their organization, such as Executive Directors, Program Managers, or Board Members.

  • Explore financial sustainability
  • Develop a 5-year budget
  • Diversify income streams
  • Identify & mobilize resources
  • Make strategic decisions around priorities in your non-profit organization
Read more about Financial Sustainability and key factors in mobilizing resources for mission success.

This series took place in November 2023. We look forward to hosting it again in 2024!

Social Enterprise for Non-Profits

Successful social enterprises are operating all across Manitoba. Whether subsidized or self-funded, these initiatives combine business methods with a drive to better the world. They take a triple bottom line approach, blending financial goals with a mission for social, economic, or environmental impact. Social enterprise is an effective way your organization can work towards financial stability while still feeling connected to your larger purpose.

Join us for this two hour overview of what social enterprise is (and isn’t), how it can contribute to your organization’s financial stability, and how to get one off the ground.

This workshop took place on January 24, 2024.

Manitoba Inclusive Economy Learning Series

Are you working to strengthen your local community here in Manitoba? Do you envision a more inclusive economic system in our province? Want to connect with others to dream and build more sustainable communities and fairer economies?

The ideas and practices of Community Economic Development (CED) are ready to meet the moment we’re in. CED addresses poverty, it builds climate resilience, and it contributes to a more inclusive economy. 

But, to make CED happen we need to:

  • Learn together and share best practices, models, and stories, building up our collective understanding of building a more inclusive Manitoba economy
  • Build capacity and connect together to strengthen advocacy work

If you’re passionate about the concept and helping to build local economies that strengthen communities and benefit everyone, you are invited to join – whether you’re just learning about this work, or are already involved in local community organizing and CED work. 

This series is designed to:

  • Develop your leadership skills and enhance your vision for change 
  • Grow your knowledge of economics and economic justice, and how it relates to your work
  • Connect with others interested in and practicing CED
  • Strengthen your advocacy and ability to take action

This series is designed to strengthen the work of CCEDNet Manitoba members, but is open to non-members who are interested in the topic. To join CCEDNet or to find out more about our barrier-free membership policy, click here.

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Manitoba Events and Engagement Coordinator

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