Manitoba Learns

Manitoba Learns workshops and capacity building opportunities seek to build knowledge within community organizations and social economy enterprises, by equipping individuals with the information and skills they need to thrive in their work.

This approach acknowledges that when individuals are given access to opportunities to learn new skills and deepen their practice, the entire environment around them changes. It becomes stronger. 

The topics in our Manitoba Learns series are identified in consultation and engagement with, and responsive to, our member, network, and sector needs.

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Michael Barkman (he/him)

Manitoba Network Manager


The Gathering

The Manitoba Gathering of Community Builders is where people connect, learn, and celebrate their important work.

Public Policy Advocacy & Government Relations

Manitoba members work together every year to collectively produce a wide-ranging and solutions-focused set of public policy resolutions directed at the municipal and provincial level. The collective democratic decision-making process…

Coalition Convening & Backbone Support

The Network builds power by convening coalitions and supporting collective public policy advocacy.  CCEDNet Manitoba convenes and provides ‘backbone support’ to a number of coalitions and groups made up of…

Spark Service

Spark matches organizations working on critical issues in Winnipeg with people wanting to donate their professional skills for social good.

Network Weaving

Network Weaving is all about building connection and power in community organizations & social economy enterprises through convening stakeholders and leaders and representing sector interests. CCEDNet Manitoba’s core function is…