People-Centred Economy Group Meets Minister Ahmed Hussen

August 14, 2020

Image of Zoom call with PCE Group and Min. HussenOn August 8, CCEDNet organized a meeting between members of the People-Centred Economy Group (PCE Group) and the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development.  The meeting was to follow up on a letter sent to the Prime Minister’s office from the PCE Group in May with recommendations for recovery and the post-COVID economy, including the implementation of the Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy (SI/SF).  

There were two key take-aways for civil society organizations from the meeting.  The first is the importance of taking a cross-government approach when advocating for issues that span multiple departments.  Many of our sector’s policy priorities, like the implementation of the SI/SF, don’t fall neatly into just one department.  In order to build political will and momentum around the cabinet table, it is important to be talking to all Ministers involved in a particular issue, as well as their staff.  The second take-away is that there are still myths associate with investments in social enterprise, both within and outside government.  In order to advance our shared agenda, it is important for these myths to be addressed and dispelled.

CCEDNet will continue working with members and partners to advance policy priorities for an inclusive and sustainable recovery.  If you’d like to find out more, contact our Government Relations Director, Raissa Marks at r.marks at  

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