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People-Centred Economy Group

The People-Centred Economy Group (PCE Group) brings together sectoral, provincial and national community economic development, co-operative, social economy, social enterprise, and non-profit representative bodies from throughout Canada, whose members together employ millions of Canadians and contribute significantly to our GDP.  Most importantly, however, the practices these groups represent have been for generations, and continue to be, the foundations of inclusive economies and strong communities across the country.

Convened by CCEDNet, the PCE Group has been working collaboratively since 2010, when we first organized an event to disseminate the results of the national social economy research program, one of the components of the first federal social economy initiative.   

PCE Group Member Organizations

Canadian Community Economic Development Network
CCEDNet is a national association committed to strengthening communities by creating economic opportunities that improve environmental and social conditions. 

Canadian Worker Co-op Federation
CWCF is a national, bilingual grassroots membership organization of and for worker co-operatives, related types of co-operatives (multi-stakeholder co-ops and worker-shareholder co-ops), and organizations that support the growth and development of worker co-operatives. 

Chantier de l’économie sociale
The Chantier is a provincial network that works to promote the social economy as an integral part of Québec’s plural economy, and in so doing, contribute to the democratization of the economy and emergence of this development model that is based on the values of solidarity, equity, and transparency. 

Community Futures Network of Canada
CFNC supports over 250 non-profit Community Futures offices across Canada that provide small business services to people in rural communities. 

Community Futures Ontario
Community Futures Ontario represents the network of Community Futures Development Corporations in Ontario offering support, financing, and assistance with strategic planning for rural Ontario businesses. 

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada
CMC is a member-driven association that supports, promotes, and unites co-operative and mutual organisations. 

Imagine Canada
Imagine works to strengthen Canadian charities and nonprofits so they can better serve individuals and communities both here and around the world. 

National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association
NACCA is the umbrella organization for a network of 59 Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs) across Canada; its board of directors is 100% Indigenous, and all entrepreneurs supported by the AFI network are members of a First Nation, Metis, or Inuit community.

National Association of Friendship Centres
NAFC supports a network of over 100 Friendship Centres, Canada’s most significant off-reserve Indigenous service delivery infrastucture and the primary providers ot culturally enhanced programs and services to urban Indigenous residents.  

Network for the Advancement of Black Communities
NABC is a catalyst for collective wisdom and action to address long-standing systemic disparities in Black Communities.

Ontario Nonprofit Network
ONN works to engage, advocate, and lead with – and for – nonprofits that work for the public benefit in Ontario. 

PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise
PARO is a not-for-profit social enterprise, collaborating to empower women, strengthen small busines, and promote community economic development across Ontario. 

Social Economy Through Social Inclusion
SETSI works to engage and provide meaningful opportunities to the traditionally under-represented communities in the social economy sector. 

Social Enterprise Council of Canada
SECC is an alliance of social enterprise leaders who leverage their networks, knowledge, and experience to build a strong and enabling environment for social enterprise. 

Table of Impact Investment Practitioners
TIIP is a pan-Canadian, mission-driven, multilingual, mutually supportive, and practitioner-led community of practice for impact investors in Canada. 

Women’s Economic Council
WEC is a gathering of women-centred community economic development organizations and practitioners helping Canadian women, especially marginalized women and those at risk of poverty, achieve their economic goals. 

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