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February 1, 2011

North-South CED Partnerships – Examples from Bolivia and Nepal


Wednesday, February 16th 2011, 12:00pm Eastern

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Over the years, Canadian CED practitioners have developed partnerships with organisations in a wide range of developing countries. This session will present the challenges and rewards of two innovative partnerships, the benefits for Canadian practitioners, and how others can get involved.


Empowering Women with Microcredit – the Bolivian Communal Bank and Haida Gwaii Community Futures
Bolivian micro finance institutions and Canadian CED organizations, such as Canadian Crossroads International, FONCRESOL (Solidarity Credit Fund) and Haida Gwaii Community Futures, are working in solidarity to build and support sustainable livelihoods in rural and disadvantaged communities. The Bolivian Communal Bank concept will be used to illustrate the practice of shared learning, expanding CED knowledge by sharing expertise and experience through exchanges between Canada and Bolivia.


Community Forestry in Nepal and British Columbia
Community forestry is happening in every forested country in the world. It is a system that acknowledges that local forests have long served as a source of water, food supplies livelihoods, living space, recreation, and inspiration for rural people. Nowhere has the community forestry movement taken hold in a greater way than in Nepal. The Nepali approach to community forestry has evolved over nearly 30 years out of a desire to devolve control to local people over the land and resources surrounding their communities. This presentation will tell the story of ongoing collaboration between the British Columbia Community Forestry Association and the Federation of Community Forestry Users-Nepal.


Art Lew, is the General Manager of Haida Gwaii Community Futures

Mary Pullen, is the Program Officer, Sustainable Livelihoods – Bolivia, at Canadian Crossroads International
Susan Mulkey is the Manager of Communication and Extension, with the BC Community Forest Association and served as a Uniterra volunteer in Nepal.

Yvon Poirier, Chair of CCEDNet’s International Committee

• Session Date: Wednesday February 16th 2010
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