City of Whitehorse Community Economic Development Strategy

City of Whitehorse

Year: 2009

The City of Whitehorse is strategic in their approach to enhancing the economic wellbeing of the community. Council, staff and invited guests participated in two facilitated ’Charettes’ to identify possibilities for the City’s economic development efforts and determine success indicators to monitor progress in this regard. The Economic Development Charettes were simply collaborative opportunities for people to develop solutions for prevailing issues and opportunities.

The economic development strategy process involved defining the future by describing what economic success would look like. Once the ideal state was defined, participants assessed the present conditions identifying current issues and opportunities impacting Whitehorse and its economy. Charette participants and staff explored the resulting short listed strategic topics by developing potential response strategies. Finally, economic development strategic possibilities were evaluated by the City Council for short term implementation and future consideration.

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The scope of the discussion involved Economic Sectors that capture key economic activities (manufacturing, tourism, retail, resources, services, agriculture, knowledge, technology and government) and Economic Factors (labour, access, transportation, capital, energy, environment and community image & culture) that affect the local economy. These elements formed the basis for the creation of an Economic Score Card. An Economic Climate Assessment was developed to determine what areas of Whitehorse’s economy are working well and also areas requiring attention.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Overview
3. Defining The Future
4. Assessing The Present
5. Developing Strategies
6. Taking Next Steps
7. Appendices
1. Economic Score Card
2. Economic Climate Assessment
3. Economic Development Strategic Work Program

SOURCE: City of Whitehorse