Insider’s Guide to Community Renewal #4: Lost in Space

Canadian Centre for Community Renewal

Author +
Don McNair

Year: 2004

Beam me down, Scotty! This final installment of the “Insiders’ Guides to Community Renewal” details the attributes of the creative, inclusive, and sustainable community – the goal of community economic development. Affluence and size are not the targets. What we are after are diverse, locally-controlled resources and organizations, visionary leadership, systematic planning, and a culture of co-operation and mutual assistance.

An additional page of “Facilitator Notes” suggest ways to put this and other Insiders’ Guides to work in your community. The key? Don’t wait for a resource precisely tailored to your situation and constituency – revise the text (and the art) provided as circumstances demand.

Insider’s Guide to Community Renewal

This publication is part of the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal’s Insider’s Guide to Community Renewal series. The Insiders’ Guides (IGs) are a series of 4-page cartoons that make mainstream some concepts and tools critical to community renewal. Developed with the assistance of a number of community economic development practitioners across the country, Insiders Guides use illustration and a straightforward text to be both informative and fun.

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