Sneak Peek at Workshops for This Year’s Manitoba CD/CED Gathering

October 9, 2014

  October 24th
8am – 4:30pm
St. John’s High School
401 Church Avenue
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Here is a sneak peek list of some the workshops being presented!Shaun Loney, Executive Director of BUILD, presenting at the 2013 Gathering

  • Creating Healthy, Sustainable Work Environments (Cathy Steven)
  • Co-ops 101: Through the Eyes of a Farmer, What is a Co-op? (Dena Hunter)
  • Co-ops 201 (Kerniel Aasland)
  • History of the Indian Act (Damon Johnston)
  • Boldness Project & Block by Block Project: Community Models for Neighbourhood Change (Diane Roussin & Heather Leeman)
  • Community Schools (Sue Hoang, Amanda Lennon, & Larace Osika)
  • Telling and Preserving our Beginning Stories: Assiniboine Credit Union, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata and West Central Women’s Resource Centre (Randa Stewart, Kathy Mallett, & Genny Funk-Unrau)
  • The Role of Social Enterprises in Community Economic Development (Kaye Grant & Marty Donkervoort)
  • Understanding and Changing Public Policy (Kirsten Bernas & Darcy Penner)
  • CED 101 (Lindsey McBain)
  • 2014: The Year of Urban Ideas – Creative Placemaking (Dominic Lloyd & Molly Johnson)
  • Target 2015: Making Winnipeg a Fair Trade City (Zack Gross)
  • Community Finance Solutions Lab (Cindy Coker, Katie Gibson & Expert Panel)
  • Collaborating to Support Food Systems in Manitoba’s North (Julie Price & Andi Sharma)
  • Eating What We Teach: Putting Healthy Food into Practice at Community Organizations (Lissie Rappaport)

Gathering QuiltThis is a Pay-What-You-Can Event

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The Canadian CED Network and the Gathering Planning Team work hard to fund this event to ensure accessibility regardless of financial situation. If you’re able to contribute financially, please consider choosing one of the Pay-What-You-Can options, and your payment can be sent to our Winnipeg office. If not, please choose the “attend at no cost” option. Registration will be open until Tuesday, October 21, 11:59pm.

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Hosted by the Canadian CED Network – Manitoba and planned collectively by over 15 organizations.

Lunch will be catered by local co-operatives and social enterprises
and Farmageddon
Composting services will also be provided at lunch courtesy of:

To further reduce our waste at the conference please bring a travel mug with you.
This is a scent free event! Please try to refrain from wearing any scents at the conference.


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