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March 8, 2012

The Spark service of the Canadian CED Network presents Spring 2012 Strengthening Non-Profits Workshops:


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1. Cultivating a Healthy Work/Life Balance

2. Planning for Financial Sustainability

3. Fun Ways of Gathering Community Feedback

4. H.R. Basics: You got funding to hire someone – Now what?

5. Connecting with Social Media


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Workshop Descriptions

Cultivating a Healthy Work/Life Balance

March 14   |  1 – 4pm  |   United Way Learning Centre, 580 Main St

Working towards sustainable and just communities takes an incredible commitment and also often major challenges like funding shortages, large workloads and a practice that involves people who are facing the effects of poverty and social exclusion. Avoiding ‘burn-out’ and sustaining a healthy work-life balance is essential and takes both a balanced approach to practice and some helpful tools. This session will explore ‘ways of being and doing’ that infuse practice with life, making it not only sustainable for the practitioner, but a source of joy, and on-going learning. Then we’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of making the most of your time by getting a grip on your workspace and organizing your workflow.

Co-facilitator: Jan DeFehr, PhD

Jan’s clinical social work practice spans twenty years and takes place within a diversity of community contexts, including youth corrections, hospital, and community health counselling programs. Jan’s doctoral scholarship – undertaken together with 13 Collaborative practitioners from six different countries – focuses on the theme of ‘reciprocity and mutual influence’ in everyday collaborative practice. Currently employed as a counsellor at the University of Winnipeg, Jan writes for publication, promotes and practices indigenous social inquiry, and facilitates learning forums locally and internationally.

Co-facilitator: Lisa Lewis

As the owner of Beyond Excellence, Lisa has put her extensive business and management experience to work for her clients for more than fourteen years. Lisa helps her clients achieve their goals by implementing proven technologies and solid management programs. With these skills and her outstanding abilities as a presenter she has motivated and delivered value to small, medium and large businesses and is in demand as a consultant on a variety of projects.

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Planning for Financial Sustainability 

March 28   |   1 – 4pm   |    United Way Learning Centre, 580 Main St

Achieving your mission in the community depends on your ability to find the resources to carry out the activities that meet your goals over the long term, and yet securing the needed resources can be a great challenge. This workshop will provide practical tools that can help non-profits create long term sustainability plans, as well as develop strategies to get the required resources.

Facilitator: Brendan Reimer 

Brendan Reimer is the Regional Coordinator for the Canadian CED Network, a member of the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, and is on the Board of Directors for the Assiniboine Credit Union. Brendan has previously presented this course as a 4-part series as well as in the the Faculty of Business and Administration at the University of Winnipeg.

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Fun Ways of Gathering Community Feedback

April 12   |   1 – 4pm   |   United Way Learning Centre, 580 Main St

Engaging people for their perspectives helps enrich work towards inclusive, sustainable and equitable communities. The question is how to make this process fun and meaningful. Whether you’re looking for feedback for planning, evaluation or community engagement, bring your real-life examples, and learn about different approaches for getting the feedback you need.


Becky Raddatz: City of Winnipeg

Justin Lee: City of Winnipeg
Justin Lee is an urban planner who currently works for the City of Winnipeg’s Water and Waste Department. While at the City, he has worked on policy and public participation for the Garbage and Recycling Master Plan, the OurWinnipeg Initiative, and SpeakUpWinnipeg. Born in Winnipeg, Justin has a Master of City Planning from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours from Queen’s University. He is a classically trained printmaker, an avid Lindy Hopper, a cyclist and a bread baker.

Judith Harris PhD: professor at the University of Winnipeg
Judith Harris is an Associate Professor in Urban and Inner City Studies at the University of Winnipeg, located on Selkirk Avenue. Judith has a PhD in Planning from the University of Waterloo and an MSc in Resource Economics from the University of Guelph. Her teaching focuses on community development, neighbourhood planning and research methods. Her work at the local level includes Community-University collaborations that have lead to the establishment of the Spence Neighbourhood Skills Bank and FrontStep Research Workers’ Co-op (Winnipeg’s first Multi-Stakeholder Co-operative) as well as on-going research on the experience of immigrant professionals, community gardening, barriers to post-secondary education for Aboriginal adults, and the economic anthropology of the inner city.

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H.R. Basics: You got funding to hire someone – now what?

April 24   |    1 – 4pm   |   United Way Learning Centre, 580 Main St

In all organizations it is important to attract, retain and develop your workforce. In this interactive workshop participants will explore some basic human resource systems such as creating a job description, identifying skills and competencies of the new position, advertising techniques as well as the hiring process including screening resumes, designing interview questions, conducting the interview, evaluation of candidate and making the offer of employment.

Facilitator: Tanya Cole, CHRP

Tanya is an experienced human resource executive with specialized knowledge in labour relations, collective bargaining, strategic human resource planning, and compensation and benefits. Currently she is the Assistant Director, Labour Relations Division, Treasury Board Secretariat for the Province of Manitoba. She has also been an instructor for the University of Winnipeg, the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba, Red River College, the Government of Manitoba and private industry for several years.

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Connecting with Social Media

May 10  |   1 – 4pm   |    United Way Learning Centre, 580 Main St

Social media can be a great marketing and information tool, but it isn’t as simple as keeping a Facebook profile. While it’s often used in the business world, is it as effective for non-profits and social enterprise? Learn how and when to use social media for your organization, and explore whether the new media world is right for your work.

Facilitator: David Pensato

Specializing in “interactive brand and strategy,” David develops innovative approaches for integrating online with offline marketing. His involvement with a broad range of projects in recent years has included the City of Winnipeg’s ground-breaking initiative SpeakUpWinnipeg and the OurWinnipeg Plan, the rebranding of Resource Conservation Manitoba as Green Action Centre, branding and marketing/communications strategy for Peg City Car Co-op and also serving as a member of the steering committee for TEDxManitoba 2012.

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The Spring 2012 Strengthening Non-Profits Workshops are hosted by the Spark service of the Canadian CED Network with support from the United Way of Winnipeg