STARCAP Developmental Evaluation Final Report & Framework

June 17, 2024

In 2023, CCEDNet partnered with Good Futures Collective to undertake a community-centred Developmental Evaluation (DE) of the Synergia Transition and Resilience Climate Action Program (STARCAP).

The purpose of undertaking this evaluation was to both summarize learnings from the program and develop a framework for employing a reciprocal, iterative, and transparent approach to evaluating complex and emergent community programs. 

Uniquely, the evaluation utilized rapid ethnography, speculative fiction, art-making and somatic practices and aimed to surface the precursors for community engagement in climate action across diverse communities in Canada.

Findings describe the challenges across differing levels of community diversity and resources, the impact of privilege, trauma and perceived self-agency, and the opportunity to centre health, social connection and transcendence to imagine new futures and establish a foundation on which to build community resilience.

Finally, this report reveals opportunities for CCEDNet and other industry organizations to improve program outcomes and engagement with community stakeholders by implementing more intentional co-design and collaborative processes at all stages of program development and delivery as a way of centring trust, reciprocity and social well-being.

Questions can be directed to Amanda San Filippo, Director of Learning & Innovation – .

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