Strengthening our Connections in Tender Times

March 31, 2020

Thank you.

In the face of crises, communities are always first responders. We see you working tirelessly from the grassroots — both organizing to provide for urgent needs at the local level while also naming and challenging deeply rooted structural inequities that are being laid bare.

Community is our strength in navigating the uncertainties of these emergent times. We know that every one of us has something to offer. And everyone has needs that require fulfillment. 

These days call for our courage and creativity in equal measure. We can help each other get through what was previously unimaginable. We have radically re-imagined our communities before and we will do so again, this time, with dignity for all and future economies that serve communities and the planet.

The community economic development (CED) world has been doing this work for a long time, and as today’s pressing needs and urgencies subside, the sector’s brilliant models will be ripe examples for societal rebuilding. 

We’d love to hear your stories right now. How are you pulling together? What does mutual aid and community economic development look like for you right now? Where are you experiencing systems gaps and failings, which can guide CCEDNet’s policy work?

Share your stories with us! Send us an email or post to social media using the hashtag #CEDStrongerTogether. We will collect and share back what we hear.

CCEDNet’s staff continues to work from our respective homes during this stretch, and welcomes you to reach us by email and to stay connected

When we advocate for those most vulnerable and marginalized, collectively we can challenge the systems that perpetuate greed and create inequities. When we come together at the most human level, tiny gestures of great love can transform lives.

Thank you for the important part you play and the gifts you bring to our shared work of creating vibrant, resilient and sustainable local economies. We are always stronger together.

In solidarity and love,
CCEDNet Team

P.S. We have collected a CCEDNet Care Package here for you, full of resources for strengthening connections.