Summer Reading List from Staff and Board Members of CCEDNet

August 5, 2014

We asked staff and board members what they were planning on reading this summer: vocationally and vacationally. The resulting list is at turns surprising and exciting, practical and insightful. We hope that you might draw some inspiration from the following reading list for your own summer entertainment and professional development.

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Art Lew

Investing in Place: Economic Renewal in Northern British Columbia by Sean Markey, Greg Halseth and Don Manson

This book draws on experiences in rural British looking at the historic exploitation of natural resources and how that helped the economic development and the establishment and growth of communities/regions. The book suggests rural regions can no longer use the same thinking that propelled historic success and provides insights into creating place-based economies.

The Idea of Justice by Amartya Sen

Sen brings forward a philosophical framework that will support political and social action for the reduction of injustice in the lives people live. Sen’s philosophical foundation is based on a comparative justice system rather then the current philosophical foundation used to justify government action based on the concept of perfect institutions dispensing perfect justice.

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Brendan Reimer

Fair Trade, Sustainability and Social Change by Ian Hudson, Mark Hudson, Mara Fridell

This book builds on John Loxley’s work, Transforming or Reforming Capitalism: Towards a Theory of Community Economic Development, bringing a critical analysis to international perspectives on CED. I’m really curious to hear the authors’ perspectives on Fair Trade.

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell

CED is not only about changing systems, it is also about changing the way people behave. While we as CED practitioners are convinced about our vision, our work, and our message we have a difficult time getting this to ‘stick’ with the rest of society. This book explores some ideas around what takes to get ideas and trends past a tipping point and into the mainstream.

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Carol Madsen

An Anthology of Somali Poetry translated by Bogumil W. Andrzejewski with Sheila Andrzejewski

I am currently working closely with the Somalian women’s community in Surrey BC and am trying to get a hold of anything that I can get my hands on about the country and the culture. It is high time those less familiar with Somali society discover the astonishing world of Somali poetry: how it is conceived, how it is recited and what impact it has had. There are true champions of universal