The Canadian CED Network is Hiring!

October 9, 2018

The Canadian CED Network is inviting applications for the position of National Conference and Engagement Coordinator.

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The Canadian CED Network (CCEDNet) is a values-based, national association committed to strengthening the social, economic, and environmental conditions of Canadian communities. We have members throughout Canada working at the grassroots level in rural, urban, Aboriginal and northern settings. CCEDNet engages a broad and inclusive range of community interests in common efforts to influence policy, create stronger and fairer local economies, tackle poverty and homelessness, and invest in sustainable communities. Our national administrative office is in Québec, and CCEDNet staff are located in Ontario and Manitoba. For more information on the Network please visit our website:


EconoUs, the national CED conference, and member engagement are integrally linked. EconoUs is one of the primary mechanisms for CCEDNet members to connect with innovative peers from across Canada, to learn directly about strategies for generating positive local economic, social and environmental impacts, to share successes, challenges and questions, and to reinvigorate efforts for community change through new ideas, knowledge and connections. The conference will demand most of the National Conference and Engagement Coordinator’s time and should be seen as an extension of member engagement activities. Outside peak conference planning periods the National Conference and Engagement Coordinator will focus on other ways to engage CCEDNet members.

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