Three New eBooks from the Canadian Social Economy Hub

April 30, 2012

The Canadian Social Economy Hub has produced three final publications building on the results of the national, 6-year research program.   Follow the links below to view these publications in our Resource Library.Order printed copies from the University of Victoria bookstore

Assembling Understandings: Findings from the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships, 2005-2011

By Matthew Thompson and Joy EmmanuelClose to 400 products were generated through the various research projects coming out of the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships (CSERP). This body of research is a substantial contribution to understanding the history, the current context, and the future of the social economy in Canada.With Assembling Understandings, the Canadian Social Economy Hub has developed a thematic summary of the CSERP outputs, exploring the following dominant crosscutting themes within the research findings: Mapping, Social Enterprise, Co-operatives, Indigenous Peoples, Organizational Governance & Capacity, Social Finance, and Public Policy.What emerges with Assembling Understandings is a detailed snapshot of the remarkably robust and innovative nature of Canada’s social economy, and demonstrates where key developments can potentially have a significant influence on the continued economic growth and social impact of the sector.

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Canadian Public Policy and the Social Economy

Rupert Downing, EditorOver the five years of the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships, public policy emerged as a key theme.This e-book brings together the National Hub’s public policy and knowledge mobilization paper series, three papers examining strategic and practical aspects of public policy development, and new research on the links between the social economy and environmental sustainability.International comparisons present some of the characteristics of jurisdictions where public policy has contributed to a dynamic social economy sector, and papers on governance, financing and procurement focus on some of the issues that are key for the development of the social economy.Canadian Public Policy and the Social Economy is a convenient compilation of the major works on public policy produced by the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships.

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Community-University Research Partnerships: Reflections on the Canadian Social Economy Experience

Peter V. Hall and Ian MacPherson, EditorsEdited by CCEDNet Research Committee Chair Peter Hall and Canadian Social Economy Hub Principal Investigator Ian MacPherson, this book explores lessons for community-university engagement by reflecting on the experiences, achievements and challenges of the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships (CSERP).Between 2006 and 2012, the six regional nodes and the Hub conducted research on the social economy in Canada. This research entailed an unprecedented level of pan-Canadian experimentation within collaborative models of engagement, knowledge creation, sectoral (self) definition and policy development. While some parts of the social economy are professionalized and have formalized organizational structures that interact well with the university sector, important parts are emergent, informal and highly localized. Each of the CSERPs had to grapple with longstanding questions about building and sustaining community-university partnerships.In Community-University Research Partnerships each of the nodes and the Hub describe their experiences in developing meaningful approaches to partnership-building and engagement and share insights on the process and challenges of forging (and maintaining) practitioner-university engagement.

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Michael Toye

Executive Director
Canadian CED Network

Mike Toye (he/him) lives in the traditional territory of the Abenaki and Wabanaki Confederacy in south-central Québec.  His involvement with the Canadian Community Economic Development Network started in 2000, and he has been Executive Director since 2008.  He has been a consultant on community economic development and the social economy in two worker co-operatives he co-founded, author of numerous articles and reports, co-editor of the book Community Economic Development: Building for Social Change, lecturer, researcher and Policy Analyst for the Library of Parliament.