CCEDNet Highlights from 2018

March 18, 2019

2018 proved to be a busy and exciting year for the Canadian CED Network. The following year-in-review is organized according to the strategic priorities set by the Board of Directors, reflecting the broad interests of our members.

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EconoUs2018: An Economy that Works for All


EconoUs2018, co-hosted with the New Brunswick Environmental Network, brought over 350 leaders from across Canada’s social innovation landscape to Moncton, NB.
In 2018, staff of CCEDNet embarked on a journey to become better storytellers.  Story will continue to grow as a communications and engagement tool through 2019.
Our online toolbox now has over 1,250 resources and there are now over 265 blogs published In 2018, our websites received more than 169,000 visits
for news, events, resources & jobs


Our online newsletter subscription
continues to grow with more than
3,500 subscribers
Twitter Our Twitter account has surpassed 
facebook Our Facebook page now has over
LinkedIn Our LinkedIn account has surpassed 
YouTube Videos on our YouTube channel have been viewed 169,000 times


Our 16th annual Manitoba Gathering brought together nearly 400 people & featured keynote addresses from Elder Mae Louise CampbellAbdikheir Ahmed and Uzoma Asagwara.
CCEDNet Manitoba delivered 12 workshops in 2018, ranging in topics from social enterprise and social return on investment to tools for facilitation and skills for dismantling racism.
Social Enterprise Manitoba Connected and Ready: The Impact of the Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy is an impact analysis of this 3-year partnership between the Government of Manitoba and CCEDNet.
Spark, CCEDNet’s pro bono matching service, is a vital source of professional skills and support for Winnipeg-based organizations working on poverty and social justice issues. Spark: Connections for Community This year, 93% of organizations said that Spark was instrumental in tackling the specific challenges on which they had requested assistance.
Following EconoUs2018, the remaining surplus from the conference was pooled to build a Maritime legacy fund for CED organizing. Stay tuned for developments!
CCEDNet hosts the BC Community Impact Investment Coalition, mobilizing local capital for community revitalization


CCEDNet is working with Power Lab and the Atkinson Foundation to
support grassroots organizing for
community benefits and fair economies.


S4ES has distributed $800,000 to six social finance funds from coast to coast. In 2018, those partners disbursed $212,000 to
8 social enterprises
Social Enterprise Ecosystem Project (S4ES) With an initial investment by ESDC and the JW McConnell Family Foundation, S4ES has leveraged an additional $11,173,458 for social enterprise.   
PIRF (Procurement and Investment Readiness Fund) Logo In 2018, a consortium of CCEDNet members and partners was awarded a $6M contract by the Government of Ontario to deliver a Procurement and Investment Readiness Fund (PIRF).
In partnership with Carleton University, we are helping implement Year 1 of the Ontario Impact Measurement Action Plan, strengthening impact practice for social enterprises Common Foundations logo We are working with Social Enterprise Toronto in a five-year longitudinal study of the impacts of Work Integration Social Enterprises  


CCEDNet promoted the recommendations of the Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy Co-Creation Steering Group and supported a strong Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy for Canada
CCEDNet submitted recommendations for the 2019 Federal Budget around advancing social innovation and social finance, making Canadian businesses more productive and competitive, and helping Canadians be more productive.
In 2018, the province of Alberta established a Community Economic Development Tax Credit. This responds to one of the recommendations CCEDNet made in solidarity with members in the province in June 2016.
CCEDNet-Manitoba submitted recommendations for the Provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy and created a Winnipeg Municipal Election Guide. In November CCEDNet-Manitoba also held a Policy Summit around their policy resolutions.
CCEDNet has joined Alliance 2030 as part of our commitment to helping Canada achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the year 2030. 

*Tidal Bore, Petitcodiac River, Moncton, NB” photo (presented beside the blurb on the Maritime legacy fund) by Larry.