CCEDNet Manitoba Fall & Winter Workshops

August 10, 2017

ccednet manitobaThe Canadian CED Network hosts a number of “Strengthening Non-Profits” workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics identified through engagement and consultation with our members and partners. Check out the following offerings in 2017. For more information or to let us know about a customized Build-Your-Own workshop you’d like to see, contact Jenna Drabble at jdrabble at

All of the events will take place at:

Time & Location Cost
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
United Way of Winnipeg Learning Centre
1st floor, 580 Main St.
Price: CCEDNet Members $25 | Non-members $75
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Working Together to Create Inclusive Community Programming

September 21st​

Working in diverse communities requires strategies for community engagement that are inclusive of all people. How do we ensure that our programs are welcoming and engaging? How do we recognize barriers to participation and what can we do to address this? This interactive and discussion based workshop will encourage participants to share their challenges around community engagement and present some practical tools for developing more inclusive community programming.

Facilitator: Levi A. Foy

Build and Grow Your Social Enterprise

October 5th

Non-profits and social entrepreneurs are increasingly considering social enterprise – a blended value model where business methods are put to work achieving social impacts. This workshop will explain what social enterprise is and what it’s not, then lead participants through an overview of the typical steps in an enterprise’s early development. The facilitators will introduce participants to tools for deciding if you’re ready to take on an enterprise, how to clarify your idea, test its feasibility, plan the business model including legal and financial considerations, start-up and then evaluate and strengthen.

Anyone curious about social enterprise will benefit from this half-day session. Non-profit organizations considering the model and economic or business developers wanting to expand their knowledge are particularly welcome. All participants will receive a copy of the Canadian Guide on Social Enterprise, developed by Enterprising Non-Profits.

Facilitators: Frank Atnikov and Gilbert Dion

When Media Comes Calling: Prepare and Deliver!

November 16th​

So you have landed the interview or you have been booked for a media panel, now what? This workshop will offer up skills and tips on how to prepare for a print, radio or TV interview, how to deal with challenging interview questions, and techniques to make sure your key messages are delivered. Participants will get hands-on practice and take away tools that will help them prepare for and leverage media opportunities.

This three-hour workshop is designed to give individuals the tools and practice they need to…

Facilitator: Cate Friesen

Marketing and Brand for Non-Profits: tools and best practices to increase impact

December 7th

This workshop will distill brand elements into three simple questions: Who are you? How do you help? And who do you serve? The goal is to discover brand and marketing tools that you need to effectively advocate for change, build capacity and tell your story in a way that will encourage others to take action. This workshop will cover marketing theory tailored for social good, while giving participants the practical tools and insights they can implement back at the office for easy and immediate results. If you’ve ever struggled to get a consistent, impactful message out, or make sure everyone in your organization is telling the same story to clients, funders and others – this workshop is for you.

Facilitator: Jill Knaggs

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