CCEDNet Responds to Manitoba Throne Speech

November 30, 2013

The recent Speech from the Throne opened the third session of the Province of Manitoba’s 40th Legislature with a strong emphasis on education, training, and jobs being created “The Manitoba Way” – grounded in collaboration, and “guided by compassion and inclusivity.”

While jobs are essential for the well being of all Manitobans, Canadian CED Network – Manitoba (CCEDNet – Manitoba) members are focused on ensuring these opportunities are available to individuals, families, and communities who are dealing with various barriers to accessing them.
As the throne speech said, “Training and jobs are two sides of the same coin,” recognizing that investment in education, skills building, and training are essential for effective job creation and attainment. CCEDNet – Manitoba members also understand that employment development strategies are most effective if people and communities have basic needs met with adequate supports in place.

This is why food security, access to safe and affordable housing, basic income, health care, and access to affordable child care are essential to achieving the stated provincial target of “increasing our workforce by 75,000 by 2020.”

Some highlights from the Speech from the Throne:

While these are important steps, there is much more to do. Rental allowances remain far below market rates, there is an insufficient supply of affordable housing, and inaction on expiring operating agreements for co-operative housing threatens to remove affordable units from the market leaving current residents without housing options.

The Speech’s heavy emphasis on jobs would have been bolstered by a stated commitment to co-op and social enterprise development strategies as these are proven vehicles for creating good, stable jobs for Manitobans. The Province could also have committed to leveraging its significant purchasing power to support the creation and growth of jobs for people with barriers to employment.

All of this could contribute to accomplishing the Province’s ALL Aboard: Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Strategy, which continues to lacking targets and timelines for achieving results.
CCEDNet – Manitoba will continue to work with our members and the Province to address community priorities for building fair, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable communities and economies.

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