CCEDNet Work Experience Program – Call for Host Organizations

July 8, 2009

What is the CED Work Experience Program?
The Canadian CED Network (CCEDNet) is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for the 7th intake of its CED Work Experience Program, CreateAction. This program is funded by Service Canada. Its purpose is to give out-of-school post-graduate youth who have a career focus in CED a relevant six-month work experience placement. We are recruiting up to 20 community-based CED organisations to host work experience participants from August 4 – January 15th, 2010 inclusively.

How does it work?
Organizations apply to CCEDNet to host a participant. CCEDNet selects the host organizations. The host organizations in turn hire the participants according to job-specific placements.

Eligible work experience placements may include project management, participatory research, communications, social entrepreneurship, business planning, social marketing, CED financing and asset mapping, to name a few.

CCEDNet requires host organizations to be members of CCEDNet or become members once its application for hosting work experience participants is approved. (For information about being a CCEDNet member, click here.)

CCEDNet will select the host organizations according to the following criteria:

  • relevance of proposed work experience to community economic development (For CCEDNet’s definition of CED, click here)
  • organisational capacity to assist participants with their daily work, mentoring and career development
  • provincial/territorial and urban/rural diversity
  • track record in hosting work experience placements, students or interns
  • ability to recruit participants from diverse backgrounds

For this intake, CCEDNet will give preference to organizations that can successfully recruit Aboriginal participants as well as persons with disabilities.

CCEDNet will:

  • manage the CED Work Experience Program;
  • contribute $14.50 an hour for a total of 30 hours a week to the work experience participant’s wages;
  • contribute the participant Mandatory Employment Related Costs or statutory benefits;
  • offer major travel and accommodation for provincially diverse participants to attend the national intern gathering in late October 2009; and
  • provide peer learning and mentoring opportunities to the participants.

Host organizations will:

  • supervise the work experience participant;
  • contribute to the work experience participant’s learning opportunities; and
  • allow the work experience participant to spend approximately one day per week in our National Youth CED Engagement project.
  • Allow the work experience participant to spend a minimum of two days at the national intern gathering in late October 2009.

How to apply?
Deadline for host organizations to submit an application is July 20th, 2009, 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. 

  • Download CED Work Experience Host Organization Application Form (PDF | Word)

Youth interested in the program may submit an application to CCEDNet or may apply directly to the host organizations.

  • Download CED Work Experience Program Application Form here (PDF | Word)

The successful host organizations will be announced on this website:

For more information or to submit an application, please contact Kezia Cowtan at or phone toll free at 1-877-202-2268, ext. 105, Fax:  250-386-9984