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Manitoba Member Connection: From Seeds to Deep Lateral Roots

January 25, 2024

From an interview with Laura Pelser (current staff) and Katie Daman (co-founder)

Fireweed Food Co-op is a multi-stakeholder cooperative consisting of producers and consumers. Since it’s inception in 2016, this co-op has been a member of CCEDNet. 

Katie and Laura shared how CCEDNet has been there for Fireweed Food Co-op, building connections and relationships that have helped the organization grow and flourish.

Fireweed Food Co-op is a multi-stakeholder cooperative consisting of producers and consumers. Since its inception in 2016, this co-op has been a member of CCEDNet. In an interview with Cate Friesen from The Story Source, staff member Laura and co-founder Katie share about the benefits of CCEDNet membership and the connections that it brings. 

photo of woman next to pink wall with fireweed logo

If CCEDNet wasn’t there, what would be missing would be the connection between Fireweed’s work and local policies. That’s a big focus of the We Want To Work meetings that I’ve attended. I didn’t study anything to do with policies or politics, it’s a completely new area for me, and it’s been very clearly facilitated by CCEDNet.” -Laura Pelser, staff member

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“CCEDNet’s commitment to increasing education around social enterprise was important for getting a handle on it for our own sakes, but also for communicating it externally to funders, stakeholders, and community partners.”– Katie Daman, co-founder

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“I’ve attended member meetups and it feels really great to go to an event where someone from CCEDNet will say, “oh, you’re from Fireweed. Come meet this person.” We’re able to see other social enterprises that are more established and that helps put our challenges and opportunities in context — like there’s blueprints laid out to being a more established social enterprise, and our connections through CCEDNet help us see that.”– Laura Pelser, staff member

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CCEDNet has been an incredible advocate for Fireweed, celebrating our and encouraging us to keep up the work that we’re doing. And, I think, helping other organizations get behind what our vision is of this alternative food system.” – Katie Daman, co-founder

Photo of farmers market sale and a quote from Fireweed Food Co-op co-founder

Thank you Cate Friesen from The Story Source for interviewing Laura & Katie!