Anticipating Manitoba Budget 2014

March 6, 2014

Anticipating Budget 2014

Budgets are not simply financial documents. They are clear statements of values and priorities. Some people and communities benefit, while others do not. Particular outcomes for society are pursued aggressively, while some are ignored. With this in mind, we eagerly await the Government of Manitoba’s 2014 “Statement of Values and Priorities” to be delivered on March 6th at the Legislature.

The Canadian CED Network – Manitoba promotes community economic development (CED) as a comprehensive and integrated approach to improving economic, social, and environmental conditions in communities. This approach understands that solutions to complex community challenges will be most successful and sustainable when they are community-led.

Manitoba Parliament BuildingAs a network led by its members, CCEDNet – Manitoba works with over 100 community-based organizations to identify what government could do to best support their work, or even to reduce the need for their work at all.  The members have identified a number of impactful ideas, which we have worked with them to advance.

CCEDNet took these ideas and made a budget submission, which calls on the Province of Manitoba to ensure Budget 2014 invests in things that matter to our Network. 

In order to achieve the vision and mission of our members, we know that people need to have their basic needs met first. This is why we know that government investment in raising the EIA rental allowance to 75% of median market rent, creating more child care spaces, strengthening food security and building a strong local food economy, and building more social and affordable housing units are all essential policy priorities for reducing poverty and creating economic stability for Manitobans and their families.

Diversity Foods staff in their kitchenWe also know that the best pathway out of poverty is a good job, which is why our members have identified the need for the province to work with our sector to create a Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy. People want to work, and in order to reduce poverty and grow our labour market to attain the goal of 75,000 new jobs by 2020, the province will need to seriously invest in building the bridges to employment for Manitobans. Investment in co-operative development will also stimulate local, sustainable economic development.

Our members will look to Budget 2014 for action that will invest in building stronger and fairer local economies, reducing poverty, and creating more sustainable communities.

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