Climate Solutions Innovation Forum: Making Agriculture Part of the Solution to Climate Change

Host: Sustainability Network

Date: May 28, 2024

Climate Solutions Innovation Forum is a new multi-year program that highlights newer innovative environmental nonprofits who share the story to inspire emerging leaders and/or to expose seasoned leaders to new ways of affecting change and reaching new audiences. This platform shines a light on less traditional policy-oriented NGOs, youth led organizations as well as recently emerged culturally-focused ENGOs mostly at the fringes of the mainstream.

This first CSIF session features Farmers for Climate Solutions, a farmer-led national coalition working to scale up climate solutions in agriculture. FCS advances policy proposals, programming and other strategic initiatives to support farmers and ranchers in the face of climate change and encourage the adoption of low emissions, high resilience practices. FCS is made up of 29 farming organization members, representing over 20,000 farmers across Canada.

In this presentation, three FCS staff will share a brief introduction to FCS’ origin story, work streams, and the unique, highly collaborative, and farmer-led approaches that FCS employs to bring together agricultural producers and organizations, often with diverging views, to work towards solutions to climate change.