March 27, 2024

Creating a Mission-Aligned Social Enterprise

Tamarack Institute

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Social enterprises are an important and underutilized piece of the non-profit funding landscape, often providing more stable and sustainable revenue, while also advancing a social mission.

It used to be that for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations had their place: one was to make money and the other existed to make an impact.

Social Enterprise bridges the gap between business and charity and enables non-profits to generate income using the same systems that businesses use. Money isn’t the end goal of Social Enterprise, rather it is the intermediary that enables sustainable community impact.

In this webinar, you will:

  • hear the process of how the Cambridge Shelter worked with The Community Company to develop In Our Backyard – a mission-aligned social enterprise;
  • challenge service mindsets and consider the ways in which people with lived and living experience can co-design and have ownership of initiatives; and
  • explore the role of social enterprises in building sustainability into non-profit funding, and the opportunity to funders in seeding social enterprises.


Across Canada


Housing, Local Economy, Social Enterprise