April 16, 2024

Revenue Diversification for Non-Profits and Charities: What’s Possible?

Thriving Non-Profits

Event Type:
In-person, Workshop

The non-profit sector is under considerable strain to deliver programs and services that address communities’ most challenging problems on a shoestring budget, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Join Kristi Rivait, Co-Founder of Scale Collaborative and Thriving Non-Profits at theDock Centre for Social Impact in downtown Victoria, BC, for a 1-hour in-person workshop that covers the what, why, and how of revenue diversification for non-profits and charities.

Designed for organizations that want to learn how to create financial resilience and increase their impact, you’ll explore the mindset, culture, and strategies needed to help your organization attract and develop new revenue to help shift from scarcity to abundance.


British Columbia


Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches, Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Organizational Development