February 20, 2024

Scaling in the Social Economy: Planning the growth of your social purpose organization for greater impact


Event Type:
Virtual, Webinar

Meet and discuss with field experts, Hoffman Wolff, (SEEnet – RDN), Viviana Fernandez (CDRQ) and Jason Prince (PME Mtl) In this webinar animated by Martine Brouillette (CRÉ – Capitale-Nationale and former TIESS employee) to introduce the idea of scaling in your organization, find out how to scale, learn about successful examples and access useful resources.

Scaling is a complex process that requires both specific expertise and dedicated resources. To help social enterprises meet all the needs that emerge in this process, TIESS aims to equip the ecosystem to better support the scaling of social economy enterprises and increase their social impact.


Anywhere in Canada


Co-operatives, Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Local Economy