March 20, 2024

The Wellbeing Economies Landscape in Canada

WEAll Can

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The dominant economic system pushes for endless growth and extraction at the expense of people and the planet. Wellbeing economies are positioned as an alternative. What if we inverted these priorities and considered what an economic system that puts the wellbeing of people and planet first could look like?

Over the past couple of years, the David Suzuki Foundation has been nurturing the formation of a Wellbeing Economies Alliance here in Canada. In the early stages of this work, WEAll Can wanted to get a better sense of who in Canada is trying to advance transitions to economic systems that centre people and planet to better understand what role WEAll Can could play in the landscape of efforts and initiatives. A mapping project looking for groups, individuals and projects that fit the bill was undertaken. In this webinar, WEAll Can will share some of their mapping research, including who is in the landscape, some insights and next steps for building WEAll Can.


Across Canada


Community Ownership, Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches, Evaluation, Local Economy, Stories & Experiences