Policy Priorities for Community Economies

Across Canada, people are taking action to create more equitable, inclusive and sustainable community economies. 

Governments can help. 

CCEDNet’s Policy Priorities recommend three areas for action:

  • Accelerate Social Innovation and Social Finance​ by producing a full strategy that implements all 12 recommendations of the Co-Creation Steering Group, and ensure equity-seeking groups play a leading role in the next stages of the strategy. 
  • Support Resilient Local Enterprises by taking steps to grow community investment funds across Canada, promoting local and social procurement policies, and enabling employee and community-based ownership succession and buyouts.
  • Build Economies for All by improving access and effectiveness of Labour Market and Workforce Development for vulnerable groups, advancing the decent work agenda to support good quality jobs and workers’ rights and well-being, and accelerating the timeline of the Universal Broadband Fund, and use it to encourage community-owned broadband.

These policy changes can create a supportive environment for community economies to thrive.  Encourage your municipal, provincial and federal representatives to take action now. 

Take Action

  • Promote CCEDNet’s National Policy Priorities on social media. 
  • Talk to your elected officials!  Federal, provincial, and municipal elected officials all have a role to play in creating more equitable, inclusive and sustainable community economies.  Talk to them about these policy areas, or your own!
  • Join CCEDNet and our Policy Group!

Ideas or questions?  Contact Elizabeth Milan, Director of Policy and Research, at