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Courtesy of Don McNair

CCEDNet Blog

Posted: Fri 30 January 2015
By: Kirsten Bernas
Affordable housing has long been a community priority. Individuals and families need stable housing to access social services and succeed in training or employment. The province has added more than 3,000 new social and affordable-housing units since 2009, and has increased annual investments in...
Posted: Fri 23 January 2015
By: Todd Scaletta
Our world is based on nested dependencies (see work by Bob Doppelt, Peter Senge as well as Bob Willard). The environment is all-encompassing with society being nested in the environment and in turn business being nested within the environment and society.I have often used a quote from Björn Stigson...
Posted: Thu 22 January 2015
By: Charles Montgomery
Charles Montgomery has travelled around the world to better understand what it means to have a Happy City, how we can build it by focusing on what makes us truly happy, and how it changes everything when we do. This concept is a key part of the shift towards economies that work for people and the...
Posted: Wed 21 January 2015
By: Alex Wood
For Alex Wood, Senior Director, Policy and Markets at Sustainable Prosperity, the concept of new economies is directly aligned with that of green economies.Currently, Alex is working on the Sustainable Prosperity Framework project.  Focusing on the three pillars of environment, economy, and...
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