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Community Leadership Program

We work with people and organizations creating social impact.Our learning programs help people to focus, reflect, plan and act on the areas that will make their organizations more successful:

  • Exploring their leadership of themselves and others.
  • Developing the skills, mindsets and cultures that create great organizations.

We’d love you to get involved too – partner with us to make learning available to anyone making the world a better place.


We believe that everyone can learn to change the world.

We provide transformational learning and development to help individuals, teams, organizations and communities build sustainable enterprises that achieve their social impact.

Programmes WITH IMPACT

  • The experience on these programmes is often reported as “transformational” for individuals, their teams and organizations. By developing their strengths and self-awareness alongside support from their peers, learners find the space to reflect, think differently, develop new strategies and move forward.
  • By utilising the tools we use on programmes, such as coaching, facilitation and action learning, learners can embed new approaches and thinking in their organisations, enabling people at all levels to bring out the best in each other and create a culture of growth and development.


  • Developed and facilitated by social entrepreneurs, leaders and specialists
  • Enables people to build on their strengths while finding solutions and insights
  • Focuses on live situations and utilises the power of peer collaboration
  • Elevates skills and confidence so that organizations are stronger and healthier


  • By working in partnership with networks, intermediaries and member organizations we can tailor programmes to local needs and situations. 


  • Bringing programmes directly into an organization, working with Board members, managers and staff, can enable dynamic, positive change as well as skills development.


  • Learning and development, not training – adds value in a strengths-based model, which learners find transformational – beyond just learning new information or skills. This creates space for learners to engage in personal development and effective learning that has a direct impact on their behaviours and organizational results

Practitioner-led learning-using local practitioners for delivery who can relate well to the needs and experiences of the learners.


  • We adapt our world-class baseline programmes for each group depending on their context and stage of development. 
  • Many of our programmes are designed so they can be delivered either in person or through online facilitated sessions. Either way, it’ll be an engaging, interactive learning environment. 
  • We also know formal recognition of learning is important so many of our programmes are accredited by ILM or SCQF with qualifications assessed by work-based practice.


In-person cohort:
  • “What I can say is that the program has had a lasting impact for the leaders of LEF. It has created a common language and experience – grounded in our work and hearts – not just a theory. The learning comes from the group – so it sticks and reinforces the culture of our organization – that of service.” Peter Frampton.
  • “The Leadership Award Program has excited a culture of growth and learning for myself and my colleagues. The greatest impact is in the personal transformation and increased confidence in our own leadership abilities, however it also provides practical tools for empowering staff, and maximizing impacts in our community.” Elizabeth Bain, Graduate.
Virtual cohort:
  • “I am very much enjoying this course and learning a lot of excellent and very relevant tools that have and will further help me be the type of effective leader my role both requires and thrives within.” 
  • “I think you have done a great job to move this online and appreciate the amount of work it took to do that. Thank you so very much.” 
  • “What I liked best about the training was engaging in the smaller group sessions. It helped me to see other perspectives and enabled me to think differently.” 
  • “What I liked best about the training was being able to share our experiences in a safe and supportive environment.” 
  • “What I liked best about the training was gaining greater understanding of myself in the context of what makes a good leader.” 
  • “Taking this course and putting it online was courageous. So much of the design was about being together. The way you’re using the technology and keeping things moving – a huge thank you. It’s a big leap and you’ve been able to maintain the meaning and the learning and even for all of us, building some connections. Just a terrific transformation – I just want to acknowledge that. It’s a big challenge on your part, and just a huge thank you.
Community Leadership Program
Community Leadership Program
Community Leadership Program
Community Leadership Program
Community Leadership Program
Community Leadership Program
Community Leadership Program
Community Leadership Program

Adriana Zylinski (she/her)

National Membership and Learning Manager

Adriana Zylinski