January 23, 2024

Using Social Finance to Catalyze Place-Based Change

Tamarack Institute

Event Type:
Virtual, Webinar

In the midst of intersecting and compounding crises, there is a pressing need for financial tools that drive positive change at the speed and scale demanded of us. Social finance has been used by communities around the world for years to balance financial returns with social and environmental impact.

And yet, challenges remain: How can social finance initiatives better integrate into place-based partnerships, rather than operate in isolation? How can we engage more rural, remote, and small communities in this space, particularly given that they may benefit from it the most? And how can all actors involved embed equity and belonging into their work?

On January 23 12:00‒1:00 p.m. ET, join a conversation facilitated by Tamarack Institute’s Jorge Garza with Cheralyn Chok, Keshiv Kaushal, Monica Chaperlin, Nicole Dawe, and Danya Pastuszek on the increasingly important role of social finance in igniting and sustaining local collaboratives and the sense of belonging that collaboration rests on. 

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Finance, Partnership Building, Regional CED, Rural CED